24 May 2013

DIY Painted Dresser

I found a set of solid wood drawers/dresser/duchess/thing for storing clothes last week via TradeMe, for a little more than $10.

It may or may not have had borer in one of the legs, so I bought some borer spray for it just in case.

I can't claim all the glory for painting this beauty (my fabulous flatmate did the hard work), but I'll claim finding the dresser and the (not hard) effort for the gold-rubbed handles.

The drawers:  a 'find' on TradeMe.  The paint:  a 'find' in my stash of paint (Resene of course, Lustacryl, semi-gloss waterbased enamel, perfect for a set of drawers, jsut sayin'), used less than half a litre.  The gold-effects on the handles:  also a 'find' in my stash of paint, yes, Resene 'gold effects'.

Is it just me, or do drawers always look like they've got a big bottom 'jaw' when the bottom drawer is out.  Teehehehe, makes me laugh a little bit inside every time.

Each drawer lined with wallpaper.  Again, shamelessly, these different wallpapers were in my wallpaper stash - the stash I slowly built of amazing wallpaper samples that I loved all those years ago when I was working at Resene (and oh how I still love those pretty wallpapers).  Resene paint also mentioned here (DIY repainted bed base) and here (a little artwork of mine).

I do have many stashes.



  1. Looks great! and lining with those wallpapers would give me a smile everytime I opened the drawers.....you've got a great stash by the way!! and yes it does look like a big bottom jaw!@!hahaha

  2. It is very cool - Glad I'm not the only one who sees faces and things everywhere! :)


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