06 May 2013


A few weeks ago my husband found a four-leaf clover in our own back yard.

He was pretty proud of himself.  I was proud of him too.  I was gutted it wasn't me who found it.  I mean, I know I've been out there and have spent a whole lot more time trying to find one.

Because that's what you do when you see lots of clover, right?

Do you look for four-leaf clovers?  It's not just me, or my husband, right?

Last weekend we were wandering around Pegasus, a new-ish town in Canterbury.  We visited a cafe and had a great coffee.  Great service.  Then we went wandering around the man-made lake.  We walked over a couple bridges, chased our Little Lion around.  Watched him chase the seagulls.

It was nice, peaceful, relaxing.  I was taking photos as we went.

Roy stopped and picked up another four-leaf clover.

I couldn't believe it! How coooool!  I want one!!!

I thought, maybe there will be more there, and maybe I'll get to find my own one.  I went over and started looking.  No sooner had I started looking than I found one. Then I found another one.

I could have picked more, there were heaps of them.  I still had to search for them amongst the usual 3-leafed clovers.

I came home with eight.

I've pressed them, and now I'm wondering what to do with them.  Give them away?  Keep them?  What to do?

Do you want one?

Of the eight, about 4 are in good 'condition'.  So, if you want one, email me and if any are left I'll post one to you.



  1. I always have remembered that one of my very first school friends when I was 5 had a four leaf pressed into a small photo frame on her wall that I used to admire.

  2. You're on fire! I've never found one in my life. If you have a quick look on Etsy or Pinterest I'm sure you could come up with some ideas - I'm thinking modge podge it to something maybe? I-phone cover??

    1. Oh, that sounds cool... *brain starts ticking*


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