11 May 2013

MADE it... {18}

Last Christmas Juliet of Tartan Kiwi gave me a not-so-secret Secret Santa gift.  Amongst all the goodies she gave me were two balls of Angora/Lambswool type wool.  I'd been keeping them aside, waiting for the perfect project, something right, something just for me.

This week I made myself a pair of wrist warmers with not much left to spare.  The amount of wool (50gms total, 8ply) was perfect.

I love these.  They're soft, they're warm, they're perfect for Autumn and Winter, and they are mine to keep.

Can you tell, they're made from one granny-square each.  Yes, you can make yourselves a pair of these - you need only know two things:  how to crochet a square (or a granny square), and how to stitch the sides together (using a needle or crocheting with slip-stitches).

I hope you're feeling inspired to make a pair of your own for winter.  These 'hooked up' so fast.



  1. So clever!! I'm a huge fan of wristwarmers, so perfect for winter. These look so sunggly, good job!

  2. They look great! Glad you found a use for the wool.

    1. Thanks Juliet! I really love them :)


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