12 May 2013

My addiction

It's crochet.  Before you think I have a serious problem, just know, it's crochet.  Yes, you can call me Nana.

I have quite a lot of this dark-coloured wool, actual wool.  Amongst the burgundy 'splash' is a green and a brown 'splash' too.  It's so awesome to crochet with.  I probably say it enough, but there really isn't much yarn that's nicer to use than real, genuine, natural yarn.

I love this wool.  I've had it here staring at me for only a few weeks, "crochet me, crochet me," it really has been taunting me (crochet addicion gets weird sometimes).

The plan was to keep it for a project for me.  And, I'm proud to say that I have accomplished that!  So many things I make are for something/someone else, or for the 'felt shop'.  An actual project just for me.  I wanted a scarf/cowl/thing-a-ma-bob.  It wanted it thick, warm, smooth, comfortable and to look good on me.

I've also had a bit of a 'thing' for a particular kind of crochet square (note my previous post on wrist warmers).  I don't think it can be called a 'granny square', but it might be able to be called an 'afgan square' because afgan blankets are made all kinds of ways.

I love how it crochets up like a smooth, thick fabric.  I love how wool is heavy, which makes it feel cosy.  I love the corner/diagonal detail that looks like a tear-drop.  In fact, looking at it right now, its kind of like a water splash and the square 'rounds' are the ripples.  Sort-of.  Yeah?

I joined them with a simple slip-stitch in the back-side of the top loop only.  I like how it leaves a thin border around each square.  I had to take these photos before I joined the ends together.  It really is such nice wool.

The mini-mini makes the whole thing look smaller.  I was trying to give it some sizing perspective but it didn't really work.   It measures about 30cm top to bottom, 75cm left to right.

I have to figure out how to take some nice photos of it finished, scalloped edge and all, while on me.  I took it for a spin on the weekend where us three (husband, son and I) went to Spencer Park after I was inspired by Sophie Slim's post.  If you go there, you'll see chickens, maybe a baby goat*, pigs, geese, ducks, peacocks, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, pidgeons, kakarikis.

Any tips on taking a self portrait with a timer?
*The baby goat, Milo, was staying there for a short time while the owner made a better home for it.  Milo was full of mischief and had been getting out of his usual home too much which was annoying the neighbours.

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  1. Your so clever Holly! Will you be blocking it?

    YAY! You went to the animal farm! What did you think? Were the animals up and awake when you were there?


  2. Gorgeous Holly - and I lurved your wrist warmers - you should link up on Show and Tell and you could win more delicious wool!

    1. I can win stuff with that? I had no idea! Going to link up asap.

  3. LOVELY! And ALSO lovely is your new hand-drawn header & buttons!

  4. That wool looks so sumptious! Love the pattern thats emerging...and yes I get now that crochet is addictive :))


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