22 May 2013


I've said it once and I'll say it again.  I love the rain!  I love the rain.  I really love the rain.

There was a day last week that the Little Lion and I had been cooped up inside - because of the cold.  It looked like it was 'going to' rain all day.  It was high time I went and bought myself an espresso coffee (a mocha to be exact) so I joyfully set up the pram and rugged up the tot.

I kid you not, as soon as I took the first step away from the door, the rain began.  I stopped.  I thought for a minute...

Hot, sweet, delicious, amazing coffee OR not?

Um, coffee.  That wasn't a hard decision.

Instantly my brain remembered the rain-cover for the pram.  Within moments it was over the pram, to a disputing little man whom I encouraged to 'like' the plastic cover by watching the rain drops splatter over it.  Coooool.  We were off.

I had SO much fun, the air was fresh, the rain wasn't drenching me and my toddler was enjoying the soft rain pitter patter.

We finally got to the cafe, where - on cue - LL was smiling and saying 'Huyyow' to every stranger around to which he was rewarded with a paper bag of about 8 marshmallows.  They made me the most amazing mocha.  Then I happily walked out the door and back out into the rain.

I went up the road a little further to the flower shop.  I love wandering through flower shops.

After a minute or two (when LL got too loud), we set off home.

I was probably out of the house for about 20 minutes in total.  Not long enought to get drenched, long enough to feel like I've done some ahem-excercise.


Well, I was going to put a nice photo here of the candles on my table and a cup of tea I had but the bluetooth won't work and the photo I spent butt loads of time on just got wiped (I hit save when I didn't mean to and now it won't 'undo' grr).  And now, it's made me really grumpy.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be back to show off a hottie cover, a ninja wheatie and a set of drawers that got a lick of paint.



  1. i'm crazy for bad weather too! i like it when it's frosty/freezing and doing the whole defrosting by the fire or hot bath thing x

  2. Haha Holly - great story and I can relate - feel sooo good!


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