24 May 2013

Ta Da... the Hottie Cover - Show and tell

Have you seen this bright blog, Greedy for Colour?  This creative lady has made some awesome hottie covers which, in turn, inspired me so.

I had some Filo 100% cotton laying around, and with my 5mm crochet hook, made this up.

If you want to make it yourself, you'll need two balls of the stuff.

Ta daa!

I've never used a hottie cover in my life.  I have a feeling that my skin will thank me for it.

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  1. Awesome Holly looks toasty! Kate does amazing things doesnt she!

  2. That looks so snuggly and I love the colour combo....you're skin will thank you for it....I never used to have a cover until the last year...I wouldn't go back now :))

  3. Awesome! I have seen SOOO many hottie covers this week! Must be the season to do them!! I actually bought a hottie this week too, i need one in my "home birth supplies" list. Planning on a hottie cover too! :) x

  4. Fantastic Holly - I love the colours.


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