02 May 2013


My thoughts are ever-moving.  One of my dreams in life is to be able to 'create' and 'make' for a living.  Not just because of the need to make a living, but because I LOVE making things, making things to share.  I'll never be able to make one dollar if I'm constantly moved to gift things away - which is what comes much more naturally than issuing a price tag.

The thought that others might like my things as much as me, and want them, and buy them is thrilling!  But, sadly not everyone loves a crocheted dish cloth.  Now I know I sound like a Nana.

Side-thought, when I'm OLDer, I want to be called Nana.  Oh, go on, just start calling me Nana now.  I'd consider it an honour.

Back to selling stuff.  I'm always trying to create something beautiful, something I can sell - something others will love so much they would like to purchase, something unique, something special.  Something special.

Sometimes I find that something special when I'm shopping and I can't walk past it.  I have to touch it, hold it if only for a while.  I look at the price tag and think, maybe I could make one for me.

But I never do.

I often make 'one' of something.  Then I list it on Felt and wait.  Wait.  Forget about it a little.  I make so many other things, but just one of them.

I begin to get the feeling that my shop is too messy - full of too many different things.

I need to find a niche.

I'm looking for that niche.

I am experimenting.  At the moment, with earrings.  Crochet earrings of course.  It's fun.  Oh SO much fun.  I'm coming up with a colour-theme, a perfected style, looking at my options of made-myself or bought earring hooks (the made-myself ones are so much cooler) .

Here is an example of some experimenting...

I'm also playing with watercolour...

When I have my themes set, and my shelves stocked, and my 'go' on, I'm going to begin with a give away.



  1. oh I am like you, I love to gift things and do one-offs. Good luck with your niche finding! At least nearly all of your stuff is crocheted, that is a theme!

  2. Just found your blog - those earrings are so clever!

    Myra x

    1. Hi, thanks Myra!! I'm your blog's latest fan :)

  3. do you have a pattern or tutorial for these earrings? i'd love to feature them on my blog.
    jd in st louis


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