28 June 2013

Fancy Crochet

Look what I did yesterday!  I found a pretty crochet pattern via Pinterest, and promptly pinned it to my own Pinterest archives.  I've been wanting to make triangle-shaped crochet for a while now.  You know the kind that doesn't curl up or turn into a circlangle (that is my version of a mix between a circle and a triangle).

I made it with 6(ish)ply acrylic and a 3.75mm hook.  I can't believe how big it ended up.  There's a bit of perspective - my fresh-off-the-boat business cards (woohoo!) are right there too.

This has been steam-blocked.  I've mentioned blocking before - I can't mention how much blocking has changed my yarny-life.


PS.  Although this looks complicated, it really wasn't too hard to do.  It required patience (I almost gave up a couple times), persistence (I was stubborn enough to persist), and a keen eye for not missing anything on the chart.  Which I did.  Twice.  And I pulled it apart to fix my mistakes, twice.

You can see there are a lot of fine lines - chains - which make up most of this pattern, which also makes it crochet up faster than you expect it to.

Do you dare have a go and send me a photo/put a link in the comments?

Would you like to see me post a steam-blocking tutorial?  Here it is How to Steam Block.


  1. Go you - it looks fab! am keen to try this sometime so maybe i'll take up your challenge? and yes please re steam blocking tut!

    1. Right-o, I'll get a steam-blocking post up soon. Watch this space.... :)


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