08 June 2013

MADE it... {22}

When I was pregnant I decided to knit up a baby-cocoon for my little bumb when he was born.  I wasn't thinking very straight and began with 5ply and 3mm needles - not such a good idea when you're a novice knitter.  It was slow, but I was doing a good job, with not a slipped stitch to be seen.

Well, baby was born, cocoon wasn't finished.  Cocoon got left in the stash.  That baby is now turning 2yrs old next month.

Fortunately I remembered the unfinished cocoon yesterday morning, just in time to change it into a random beanie for another 2yr old who's birthday was happening that afternoon.

I ran to youtube to find out how to cast off, then very slowly cast off and finished it just in the nick of time.

The horizontal lines are supposed to be there, honest!  I wrapped the yarn around the needle twice and dropped the extra loop on the way back.  I might have been intending to put a ribbon or something through it... not sure on that one.

I think I really was in la-la land when it was started because there is no way a baby would have fit inside!


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