23 June 2013

MADE it... {23}

Can you tell that I'm getting excited about the market.  Special thanks to Creative Mama, an awesome friend of mine, who simply asked if I was going to apply for a space at Elements Market.  I've been amping ever since.

Slowly, but surely I've been building up a little stock here and there.  Ideas, designs, crafty things have been floating around and about in my head.  Every so often I'll put it to paper, crochet it, sew it, draw it, make it.  I've been getting so much enjoyment from it - knowing that everything I'm making is for a purpose.

I mean, a few weeks ago, I would look through my stash and think about what I could make out of this or that.  Or, I would think about what I wanted/needed for certain projects and then go rummaging.  Often not being very inspired.

But at the moment, I'm making everything for a purpose.  And, at the moment, I feel like I have an actual purpose, other than being a Mum.

I've been particularly inspired by the crochet star/flower below.  It's about 3.5 inches wide and I can imagine a small throw or table runner made of a whole bunch of them joined together at the tips.  It's definitely a 'nana' project.  One that I'll save for another day I think.  But isn't it pretty?

I even steam-blocked it - at Sophie Slims advice.  I could not believe how amazing it turned out.  Now I'm steam-blocking everything (Attic24 has a great example of steam-blocking here).  Everything.  Seriously, e-ver-y-thing.  It's awesome.

If the market goes well, which I'm hoping so, I might make it a more of a regular thing.  But we'll have to wait and see.

Next Tuesday, pop on over for my Matariki Crafting post... another exciting thing-a-ma-jig!


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  1. Yay for purpose and trying things out and steam blocking! Looking forward to seeing the other thinga-ma-jig!


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