13 June 2013

Projects on the go...

Projects on the go...

This is going to be a cell phone cover, being made by request.  Inspiration here, but I'm improvising this pattern.  Yes, a rookie knitter can improvise.  Just do it.  You'll find out in the next week or so how it turns out.  I'm pretty confident.

In other news, but still a project on the go, I'm going to market!!  Creative Mama and Les Pommes Rouges (at least those two) are organising Elements, a market experience, and I've decided to have a go and *try* sell some earrings, a few fancy wheaties (see some stuff here) and some other fun stuff.  So, before I go ahead and list all my 'stuff' on Felt, I'll see what happens at this market shenanigan.  Example of earring-stash beginnings:

Honestly, I have a lot more projects on the go.  The blanket in my previous post being one.  A denim patch (not rag) quilt being another.  I can't wait to finish it!  I'm just waiting for the right coloured woolen blanket to show up - it'll be the backing and the batting all-in-one.  And waiting for my sewing machine to come back from fix-er-up-shop.

Plus too many more half-way-through-and-waiting-to-be-finished projects.



  1. LOVE the packaging!! SO COOL and profesh!

  2. Ohh looking forward to seeing it all come together! Good luck with sales!


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