28 June 2013

Stage Challenge

A few things I'd like to share...

1.  I like hiphop.
2.  I used to roller blade like a boss.
3.  I tried hip hop dancing for a while when I was 20ish (I was awesome).
4.  I grew up on a dairy farm, I'm a 'farmy' at heart.
5.  I can play bass guitar.
6.  I played Juliet, of Romeo & Juliet, on roller blades for my high school stage challenge.
7.  This is a very random post.
8.  I have a video to share.

When I saw this video I was instantly brought back to my teenage years when I was a part of my own high school stage challenge.  I love the old ladies at about 34 seconds in.  Staunch as.  Actually, the one on the left reminds me of my own Grandma...

I remembered the thrill of being on stage, dancing, or in my case roller blading, bold and purposeful movements, the spotlight, the audience, the noise.  FUN!

Then I remembered going to the theatre once or twice, watching the drama unfold in front of me.  There simply isn't anything like it.  The music, the real actors, the noise, the emotion, the lights - also FUN!

You can see these guys and others on stage for the final shows in Auckland.  The Christchurch shows have been and gone I'm afraid.

Have you ever been 'on-stage' inclined?  Have you ever been a part of your high school stage challenge?

I haven't been on stage since before the Little Lion was born.  It turns out that being pregnant and playing a bass guitar don't work very well together and now, having a toddler gets in the way of band practice.


This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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  1. Pretty cool - loved drama and acting and dancing from school days... seems a long long time ago now!


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