09 July 2013

But, I can still see

My eyes are tired and looking at the computer is aching them.  This is the story of my last few weeks.  I'm looking forward to the phone call that's going to tell me my new specs have arrived (next week or so).  Yusss!  I had an eye exam on Sunday and you know what  they told me... my original glasses' prescription were put in the wrong sides.  What?!  Here I am, 6 years later...

I learned that I have sun-damage in one eye.  What does that mean?  Will it turn into cancer?  Am I partially blind and didn't know it?

I was a bit shocked when the optometrist told me and equally confused.   I always wear my sunglasses when driving, going for a walk etc.  How did this happen, what does it mean and what can I do?  All these questions came right about the moment I sat down at home.

Why is it that all the important questions never seem to come out at the right time?  Ticking a bit too slowly this week.



  1. Wow interesting! Hope you get some answers and hope the new specs make life a whole lot easier!

  2. I've heard of sun damage before, I think it's more common than we think...mind you don't believe me, its just something I sure I've heard....and I know how you feel, I always think of the questions after the appointment....now I write them down before....mind you when they spring new information on you like that, that tips not going to help....hope the new specs make life alot easier :)


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