24 July 2013


Is not fun.  My Little Lion showed the Doctor how to roar today.  LL's face went bright red and he screamed the house down for a good 5 minutes or so.  Then, finally he began talking and let the doctor take his temperature with little protest.

He's still hanging on to his smiles most of the time, laxing on the couch asking for this toy or that, I'm still getting a little bit of crochet in here and there, we're keeping on.

He's playing with my old frames (lenses taken out so he can have them as a toy), sitting next to 'Big Ted' who is also feeling a bit sick and needs just as many kisses and cuddles.  Catch you again when we're all over the bug.



  1. Oh LJ! I hope you're all feeling better asap!!! x

  2. poor wee soul! get well soon little fella x

  3. oh no that totally sucks x

  4. Oh no! so feel for you!! We spent a night in hospital with croup a few weeks ago too... it's not fun - sending lots of healing happy thoughts your way! x

  5. Hope you're all feeling better :)) Not fun when you're kids are sick like that x


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