16 July 2013

Eye Sun-Damage Is...

The low-down on sun damage in one of my eyes:

It's not so much 'in' my eye, but 'on' my eye.  I think it's kind of like getting sunburnt on the 'whites' of your eye.  It can get infamed from time to time, cause irritation and will most likely get worse as I get older and eventually cause a cataract.  If it does get really bad, before it damages my lense, it can be surgically removed.

It's a dry area so when it gets irritated I can use eye drops.


It's not so much drama as I was thinking, but it could have been avoided if I wore 100% UV protective sunglasses years ago. I think, the most times that I can remember not wearing them would have been walking home from school.  Every day (ok, Mum, most days).  For at least half an hour.

I'm thinking, sunglasses for kids of all ages is a must.  Just putting that out there.  My Little Lion does look so cute wearing his!  And, I know sometimes there just aren't enough treats to get that toddler to wear sunnies, there's always treatment when they're older.  Way older.

On the other hand... I got some new specs!

For distance:

For crochet/sewing/reading/computing/close-up-stuff:

Me likey.



  1. haha funny photo's :) yay for being treatable and yes - my girls all have sunnies :)

    1. Great stuff! I found my 2yr-old's sunnies today (at the bottom of the toy-box). He loves wearing them, so it's a no-brainer.

  2. poor eyes :(
    looking awesome you sexy thing you!

  3. Love the pics!! And great to know about the sun damage.....I be thinking maybe thats where I've heard it from.....my eye examination a few years back ....oops!!

    1. Oh well... just keep your sunnies handy ;)

  4. I picked up my new glasses the other day too!! Yay for proper seeing! Love the pics! x


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