07 July 2013

I'm still here

It's been a long week with a sick toddler, a tired me from lack of quality sleep for the last couple of months, and not a lot of general motivation - the kind that helps with getting on with life in general.

Hence no blogging.

My hands have been busy though.  I've made a couple of lamp shades (pictured on a candlestand, not recommended), a pair of pretty crochet/pearl earrings (1.25mm-hook-madness), working on my own triangle crochet pattern and then making triangles for bunting, and no doubt a few more things that I can't remember right now.

This was fun.  I could make a lot more of these.

When I've sharpened my triangle crochet pattern exactly how I like it, I'll certainly be sharing here.  This week I will be working on a steam-blocking tutorial to share around as well.  It turns out, no matter how great the pattern is, things just need a bit of steam.  It's like making a garment, at the end, the seams need a press this way or that, and then, only then can I say it's really finished.

I'm really looking forward to finishing these.  Crochet decorating really is fun!

On a FANTASTIC note, my sewing machine has been fixed and I'll be picking it up tomorrow (dancing on the spot right now).  Woohoo!

Things I want to sew asap:

A new hoodie: not sure if I should go for a beautiful soft yellow (might make me look all pasty) or a simple grey with pops of brightness (coral or lime or blue or yellow or...) inside the hood and inside the kangaroo pocket which I might make internally with welt pockets...  Any ideas?

Complete with loo-paper (for boogers) and vics in the background.

The next (but probably what I'll start with) thing I want to make is a simple maxi dress with some fabric I've had sitting on the table for a while.  There is enough fabric, but it's not the right shape so I have to be creative in the way I put the pattern together.  Luckily the fabric (pattern) is double-sided and it's a woven fabric so I'll be able to turn pieces around and upsidedown without it making too much of a difference. I'll use a different dress of mine as a template for this one... it's (hopefully) going to be lovely.



  1. You have been busy! love the lamp shade! very cool :)

  2. I just love what you've been making (and the sound of what you're planning to sew!). Was just gazing at my name badge this morning from Around the Table and thinking how amazingly clever you are!

  3. Aww hope your wee man is feeling better! Love all the crafting that you've been up to and can't wait to see your hoodie.

  4. Beautiful Lamp shade!! and I look forward to seeing what you decide with the hoodie and maxi dress :)))


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