13 July 2013

MADE it... {24}

I was talking to Amy, telling her how I felt like giving up on these MADE it posts, when she told me she actually liked seeing what I'd been making each week.  I was so encouraged and decided that I'll keep on going.  Even when I fall off the wagon every so often and you have nothing to read in your blog feed on a Sunday, it still matters, so I'll try again.

I chose Sunday because often, when I'm relaxing on a Sunday (like, not very often to be honest, church, toddler, helping out with the creche, lunch etc), often there aren't any new posts on Sundays.  So... I saw a gap and I decided to try and fill it.

This week, I'm sharing with you a bag I made.  Just sharing, because I actually made it months and months ago.  It's my favourite bag.  It means a lot to me.  I use it every single day.  Even when I'm not going out, it's my go-to bag for anything I've lost.  And I lose things often.  But, it's ok because I find them again, usually in my bag.

I know this looks like a simple bag, it is.  I made it in less than 2 hours.  It's so simple that it should have taken a lot less time but making it up as I go is a little slower than having a plan before I start.

I purposely left the corners pointy.  I didn't want to make it feel shallower (less deep, not shallower like it sounds)  by giving it box corners.

When I was growing up, our family had a deck chair.  Last year, I was rummaging, literally rummaging, through my parent's shed to see what I could see.  It happens almost every time I go home.  It's a great passtime.  I recommend it.  I do it simply for the pleasure of finding relics from my past, and my parent's past.  It's a lot of fun finding old things and remembering the story behind them.  But, that's all another story.  If you decide to have a go at rummaging through your own parent's shed, PLEASE ask first, and ask if there is anything you want!

One place I wasn't rummaging through, though, was the rubbin bin.  The great big wheelie bin out the front.  I went to throw out some trash and I saw "THE CANVAS FROM THE OLD DECK CHAIR IN THE BIN!!!!!!"


Some may call me a hoarder, but this was serious.  It was NOT rubbish.  It was fabric and it was awesome and it was from the.old.deckchair.people! and since it was from the bin, it was therefore MINE.

I lovingly took it home, bleached the heck out of it - which didn't take any colour from it (the sun did most of that) but it got out some mildew, washed it and washed it again, and made it into this bag.  The lining is an old sheet I found at a second hand store - so it's partly thrifted too.  Or is it wholely thrifted, being SAVED from the bin?

I used up all but about 2 square inches of the canvas making the bag and the pocket - which is removable.  Which makes it a perfect pocket - if I need to, I can grab this pocket and pop it in the next bag.

I love how I can see where the old tacks were, the ones that kept it attached to the deck chair frame.  Proof!  It was from a deck chair.  I love how it's green.  I love that it's retro.  I love that it has been a part of our family for so long.  I love that I carry it with me all the time.

Made it.  ;)



  1. Glad that you're keeping going with these posts. You do such a variety of awesome crafting- its always fun to see what you've been up to now!

  2. I also love that the bag is reversible! what a great way to thrift, recycle and make something useful that has a great memory for you :)) Love the colour too!! Also I understand where you're coming from with your made it posts....same here with crochet friday...I'll keep going just when I have something to share :))Glad you will be too x

    1. Thank you! :) I love seeing your Crochet Friday posts too!

  3. This is so gorgeous - love the marks of the old tacks. And loving that you'll keep going with these posts. You are so talented and inspiring!

    1. Thanks Leonie :) That sort of stuff is so good to hear!


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