31 July 2013

25 Year Guarantee

When did you last see a guarantee THAT long for a sewing machine?  I think there's a 50 year guarantee with my skillet, but certainly on on my sewing machine...

My Grandmother recently gave me this amazing GEM.  A gem that was purchased by my Great Grandmother.  Barely used.  Barely dust inside it.  Still with it's guarantee inside with the purchase date written on.  The needle-plate without any scratches and the pedal still in it's new plastic bag.

I lovingly opened it up and put oil in all the places that the manual said to.  I pulled out the front compartment to find that all the pieces worked together to make the 'bed' larger.

I was worried though - a metal sewing machine.  It's so old, I wondered if it would give me an electric shock!  I'll be honest, I turned the switch on with a wooden spoon and tried to touch the machine with something else (in case it would arc) to be sure.  It is in VERY sound condition.

Reading the manual made me chuckle, "light weight."  It's definitely compact.  Practical stitches is all I need right now... button hole stitches, zig zag, straight, blind hem stitch and elastic stitch.  It works better than my own sewing machine - which I had to take back to the shop after finally getting it back the first time.  Ugh.

And the guarantee.  You can click on it to enlarge if you'd like to read it.


Thank you Grandma, I LOVE it!



  1. How awesome!! I love old machines ... my 60 yr old singer still sews better than my "new" (15 yr old) machine and they are so much easier to clean and maintain. Congrats on this little gem! Looks like it'll serve you well.

  2. how fantastic, and the certificate gives such confidence!
    I sew on an 1981 elna that has never been cleaned, serviced or oiled. I do occasionally blow the dust off it though!


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