15 August 2013


Blogging mojo, please come back.

The days when I know I haven't posted in a while, when the washing is piling up, when all I want to do is curl up in my bed and cry, it's those days that I get sad and know that a few words here, in my online corner, chatting to you, my friends, is totally worth it.  Even if there aren't any photos.

I thought you might be interested to know some of my favourite blogs?  If not, then mark this one as 'read.'  No hard feelings.  Haha.

Well, here goes.

One of my favourite blogs right now is New Zealand It Is Then.  It's random, but normal, you-know everyday-life stuff, a Kid, a Dog, a Lady and a Man who live on a hill.

Another is HOOTNZ.  Another sweet space, tracking life, she crochets, she knits, she sews, she's lovely.

One more of my favourites is Make.Life.Beautiful.  A fashion designer, a Mum.  This lady is doing what I think I'd really like to be doing.  She inspires me.

My favourite crochet-addiction blog is this one, and I've said it a few times before.  You knew I was going to say Attic24, right?

I love this blog about DIYs and furniture/household makeovers.  I'll be honest, I usually just flick through the photos.  BUT, when I do have time, I read what is written - they're hilarious.

I follow loads more blogs, like 50 of 'em (I also am a HUGE fan of Napoleon Dynamite).


PS  I finished the WHOLE washing pile today!  Like a Boss.
PPS OH, and here I am featured!!!!


  1. Love all of those but havent seen the diy one - thanks for sharing! Hope tomorrow and the next day and the next are better :) keep smiling :)

  2. I think we probably all get days like that - hopefully it will soon pass.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Whoa! My brain just did this flip-over-onto-its-side thing.

    So I'm reading this post, right, and Holly says she's gonna link to some blogs, right, and then there's a sentence that starts with "One of my favourite blogs right now" and then I read the next few words and sort of continue reading that sentence before my brain goes, wait, what was that!?

    So I go read the sentence again, and the words are still there. And it's a second maybe, right, maybe two seconds, but I do actually consider for a moment: am I seeing things!? Am I dyslexic, or whatever that thing is called when people see words with letters all mashed up? Is there something else written there, and I'm just imagining that there's the name of my blog?

    And then I read it for the third time and... holy shit. Like, pardon my English, but that's exactly what I say to myself inside my brain somewhere.

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone write that before, or say. It's like... whoa. So... unexpected. Wow.

    Like, I don't even know what to say here. Thank you? I'm glad you like it? But that's not it. Because inside my brain all I've got right now is this, wait, what? discussion going on. And I keep scrolling up to see that the name of my blog is still there and hasn't disappeared.

    So weird, man.

  4. Lol, Maria, you're hilarious! Lots of my favourite blogs in there too although I need to pop over and look at betterafter ... I love a good furniture makeover! Thanks for sharing xoxo

  5. Awesome for getting featured...that puzzle free motion looks cool! But I guess thats what I should expect from you....you have amazing ideas lurking in that brain of yours! I get those days too, which you probably read recently....I hope you've been able to sit down for a few moments and sketch out of few ideas or do a couple of lines of crochet :) xx

    Ps :) Thankyou for popping me down as a favourite :)) Feeling Spesh x


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