09 August 2013

DIY Hair Cutting

A while ago I wrote a post about how to cut your own hair.   Basically, I'm showing you how I cut my own hair - with reeeeeally bad photos.  It's so embarrassing.  BUT, I can't take better photos.  I neeeed help.  Please.  Help me.  It's really bad.

This is just one of my several failed attempts at taking better photos.

Not. So. Good.

Honestly, knowing that my terrible photos are ALL over Pinterest is a little frightening.  But, in the same instance, it's kind of cool, knowing that almost-most of my blog views are from people actually pinning my face to their DIY Hair boards.

If you have any tips on taking good selfies, please share?  I missed the 'selfies' age bracket by about 3 years.



  1. I can come and take them!! Or better yet you can demonstrate your method on me!! (seriously)

  2. Yeah use amy! ^^ This is where you need a blog-co-opperative husband! Selfies are rarely flattering, especialy when you need to hold a camera AND scissors! WHAT! Im impressed that you even managed to take a photo!!

    I'd wait till the weekend and fully brief the hubs on what you want! (I say to G - I want this part of my body in the frame, on this angle, with this lighting. We stop half way through for me to check them, and then he carrys on clicking. I end up with a bazillion photos, but usually 4 are blog worthy! ;) )

    1. Lol! It's so awkward taking pics like that and making sure the whole house/bathroom isn't in the background too.

      OH man, if I try to get the hubs to do it I can imagine him acting like I've just asked the world of him and it'll more effort for me than it's worth (Been there). I'll go with Amy!

    2. Yay! I usually use the self timer and do a bazillion shots.

  3. Heehee well that must be saying something! I think you're ridiculously brave cutting it yourself!

    1. Thank you Leonie! I gave up on reaeaeaeaelly expensive haircuts.

      I'm thinking this kind of innovation is created from a need of inexpensive haircuts, a lack of $, a creative mind and a sprinkle of courage. ;)


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