18 August 2013


Do you remember when I made myself a scarf/cowl/thing-a-ma-bob?  Then I promised 'finished' photos, and I didn't get around to it...

Well, let me tell you about the day I almost LOST my favourite scarf - FOREVER.

I was minding my own business, wandering down to the supermarket on a Friday afternoon.  Three days ago to be precise.  It was a bit chilly so I had my amazing scarf/cowl/thing-a-ma-bob on.  It was so good at keeping my neck warm that it was too hot to wear inside so, after I arrived I took it off and put it in the bottom of my shopping basket.  I wandered through the self-checkouts afterwards.  Then wandered home and carried on with life.

The NEXT day I couldn't find my scarf.

I looked everywhere at home for it, but not very hard.  Just in the usual places I would have left it.  I finally gave up looking and sat on the couch thinking HARD about where I had it last.  I got all the way up to when I took it off at the supermarket.

Suddenly I had that awful gut feeling that I'd left it in the basket.  What if it's been taken?  I wonder if they have a 'lost property' box?  I was scared for it.  I hoped like mad that I had left it there, and that they had put it safely away.  PLEASE!

That day we went to the supermarket, and as we were so occupied with grocery shopping, I completely forgot to go to the office and ask about it.

We got home and I remembered all about it again.  SO, another day of [extremely mild] anxiousness, hoping, waiting, thinking, praying.  I was beginning to get used to the idea that I might just have to make myself another one.

But, I wanted my OLD one back.

Sunday, I went to the supermarket to get the hubs his special RedBull, and to ask about my scarf.

"It's 'yay' big and navy and a scarf and a loop and it's wool and it's crochet, lost two days ago"

I almost squealed when they pulled it out of the box and gave it to me!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

*insert happy dance with the lady behind the counter thinking I might have been bit mad*

SO, before I get the chance to lose it again, here are a couple of FINSHED photos...

If you have a look back at the original post about this scarf,  you'll see it has four panels (one big square and two littlies).  It felt too big and floppy so I pulled the edging apart and re-finished it with only three panels.

It was Pack n Save, Riccarton if any of you are wondering.  They lady I spoke with was professional, helpful and I'd recommend that if you ever were going to lose something at a supermarket, then try them first.



  1. Oh phew! So know that feeling! The slight panic! Yay for being found and happily reunited :)

  2. Oh that was lucky! I've lost a hat I made for lil miss before...the classic baby throws it out of the pram and you realise once you get home...I never did find it...but I like to think someone has got good use out of it :) Like your cowl by the way and its construction. A great happy ending!


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