05 August 2013

MADE it... {25}

My little gem has done me good so far....

I've been able to use up some fabric by making a cute little dress!  Unfortuately, there is no pattern... it's 'based' around one of my favourite dresses (right here actually).  I'm making this sound like I have a lot of dresses... I don't.  But, now, I have one more!

It is the same length as my other BFF dress, but it feels so much shorter.  I've worn it, people say it looks fine, but it still doesn't feel right.  So, I might one day add a lace frill thing that might give it another inch or two.

These photos remind me (I remind myself every day) that I really want to lose some kgs.  Like, ten would be nice, please.  If any of you know anyone who's looking to buy the weight of a sack of potatoes, well, when I find a way to get them off my butt/arms/waist I'll put them on TradeMe.

Oh... about that hoodie I was talking about too, it's done.  I'll show ya soon.  Sadly it doesn't have any bright pops of colour, but it's a cool (warm) dark grey hoodie with a fake button-up front.



  1. when you feel gross about your body I always find it helpful to stop and think about a. the many people in the world who would be thrilled to wake up to find themselves in my body that means I can buy clothes 'off the rack' whatever my feeling about the size may be and b. the amount of people who would swap my body for theirs that is riddled with sickness or pain - keeps it in perspective for me. You are beautiful x

  2. Go you no pattern sewer you! I am sure your other half and little one think you are stunning just the way you are - if only we could see ourselves through their eyes more often :) Looking forward to seeing the hoodie! x


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