18 August 2013

MADE it... {26}

And VOILA, here is my new grey hoodie.

Wearable.  No bright pops of colour (I'm sorry, me).  No pockets (yet, I might change my mind).  A fake opening down the front of it.  I'm sorry this photo doesn't show it at all.  I purposely made it off-centre and wasn't thinking about it when I shot these photos.  I still have to put some buttons on it to make it look more like an opening.

It's kind of half finished, but it's fully finished if I want it to be.  Right now, it IS fully finished.  Later, I might add the rest.  For now, it's just what I need.

I ran out of ribbing for the ends of the sleeves, so I used the same fabric as the body of it instead.  I'm not super happy with it, but it's an easy change if/when I get around to buying some more ribbing.

One thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the ribbing looked lighter when it was stretched.  So it doesn't fully match the body fabric - even though it was a 'pre cut' piece that 'matched' to the sweat-shirting.

Oh well.  I'm getting used to it and it's not such a big deal any more.  Haha.  Perfectionist much?



  1. it looks great Holly - i live in my hoodies at home - so comfy!

  2. Looks warm comfy and cosy! Well done you!

  3. That is awesome, and executed really well....regardless of the ribbing etc....I can't even tell :))


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