29 August 2013


It was SO much fun!  Some of Creative Mama's cute dolls were on the table as well as a few of my things... (prepare for a lot of photos)

Angle pic #1:

Angle pic #2:

From left to right....

If anything in the photos above has caught your eye and you'd like to know a little more about it, just flick myself or Creative Mama an email.  Or keep an eye out on Creative Mama's Felt Shop as I'm sure she'll be listing a few more of her gems here soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself that day.  In turn, I can see myself getting on the market buzz having a stall here or there...

MANY thanks to Creative Mama and friends for organising Elements Market, of which all proceeds and raffle fund-raising went in to support Project Esther.

What a fantastic [and massive] job you've done!



  1. ooh it looks wonderful, what fun! hope you got lots of sales to make it worthwhile as well as fun.
    having a serious think about that crochet collar, for my wee claud, trying to work out what colour might suit her best. I can't read the price from the pic though...

  2. Oooh what a lovely table filled with both your lovely goodies! hope it went well :)


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