17 August 2013

Winding Yarn

One Saturday evening a few weeks ago I sent a text out to a very 'knitty' friend in the hopes that she might have a yarn-winder.  She didn't.  BUT, she borrowed one from a friend of hers and within the hour (ish) it was at my place.  YAY!

I went op-shopping a long time ago and told you about an awesome find and a photo of what I was making it into.

Here's where there yarn-wider came in.  Hand-winding yarn takes a lot of time, especially when one ball of hand-wound yarn crochets away so quickly.  I had a 'eureka' moment (first paragraph), then on the following Sunday morning, before church, I gave that yarn-winder a work out.

 I got 5 approx. 100gm balls out of these super-fine yarns.  The blues are definitely wool, the brown is a mix of oh-so-soft alpaca and nylon (that's just guessing from testing and pulling it apart etc.

The time it took me to roll one ball of yarn was probably about the same amount of time it took for allllll of these to be finished.

And the blanket slowly grows....

Thank you Emily's friend!  I'll get the yarn-winder returned to you asap.



  1. Oh I spied that at your place the other night. Clever! Saves so much time!

  2. Oh yay for helpful handy gadgets!


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