23 September 2013

A world of difference

The other night I was watching TV, a short documentary about an amazing (but totally ordinary) lady.  I added the 'totally ordinary' part because, she was just a normal, ordinary person like you or I.  It was the things she did for the sake of abandoned and orphaned children that just. need. love. that was the amazing part.  I was in tears.  I was sobbing, loudly.  It struck a chord deep in my soul.

So, when I came across the opportunity to do a featured post on the Vodafone NZ Foundation World of Difference program, I couldn't help but want to share.

This video below is an example of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things for New Zealand youth, who might not get the opportunity otherwise, with the support of the Vodafone NZ Foundation.  Take a look...

Vodafone NZ Foundation are currently looking for passionate people who want to make difference in the community.  If you've got an idea and a passion for the youth in New Zealand and you want to make a difference, then talk to these guys.  If you meet the criteria, they will provide the funding, the training, help and support enough for you to do it.  You know, the kind of things like offering others a simple chance in life, simply coaching, encouraging, helping, guiding so they can have a better future.

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.


  1. I think i saw the same doco piece on tv about the lady in China right? a world of difference in those people's lives :)

    1. Yes, that was the one. All the kids needed was someone to love them. I keep thinking that I don't think I could do it on such a big scale like her, but... if I can make a difference for just one or a few children's lives, then why not?


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