21 October 2013

Crochet Doilies

I saw this beautiful, beautiful crochet doily / rug / prettiness via Pinterest, once upon a time, and I fell in love with it.

So much that I bought the pattern.  Or, at least I thought it was the pattern for it.  Unfortunately I wasn't paying enough attention and I bought a different pattern.  But fortunately, I also liked the pattern I accidentally bought.  So, fortunately for the designer of the pattern, I'm probably going to buy the pattern for the original design that I fell in love with, also.

I'm looking forward to my home being adorned with pretty things like this everywhere...

I have slightly altered the edge, but if you like the pattern, you can gaze at it's full beauty here.

Oh, so happy, so relaxing to make something for my home that makes it feel more like home.  Do you know what I mean?

PS.  These crochet up SO quickly that you could probably finish it in a couple of evenings, sitting watching TV.  They would make wonderful baby-blanket gifts - donations to hospitals etc.  Fantastic.



  1. Quick and easy and satisfying and a delight... what's not to like? :)

  2. I got so many of these as "parsonage warming gifts" 20+ years ago. In those days you attached smaller ones to metal rings and hung them in windows. I still have ONE. I don't crochet...yet....although I just ordered a set of hooks at amazon, and I want to learn. Have you connected with crochet crowd yet? Mikey is a trip!

  3. Thats gorgeous! and does sound like fun :))


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