12 October 2013

Once Upon a Time

I was out op-shopping and found a delicious looking retro sheet.

I brought it home to lovingly wash, and once it was dry, I folded it up, ever so neatly, and placed it carefully into my stash... and promptly forgot all about it.

Then, one rainy, Spring evening, Thursday last week to be precise, I had a special trip to The Make Cafe planned.

The Make Cafe is a beautiful shop/cafe which sells all kinds of fabulous crafty things and they make the MOST delicious hot chocolate in a number of delectable flavours.

On that particular evening, being a student in a late-night sewing class taken by the Amazing Miriam, I was required to bring along a piece of fabric to make into a pillow case. At the very last minute before I was to leave the house with Sophie the Slim, I rummaged through my stash and found a certain lovely retro sheet to be transformed into my newest item of bed-linen.

When we arrived at The Make Cafe, we were greeted by Creative Treena-Marie and Juliet the Tartan Kiwi, who were pondering over some beautiful quilting fabrics.  As I was talking with Crafty Kirsten and Creative Treena-Marie about an amazing-looking sewing machine on display, Humble Deb wandered in, with whom I enjoyed a scrumptious hug.

Soon we found ourselves seated in the Workshop Room learning how to applique with some clever double-sided iron-on sticky stuff.  I was in my element.  Most of the ladies had brought with them some beautiful fabrics, so I was feeling a little unsure about my retro flowered piece.

As I was rummaging through the scrappy-stash that Amazing Miriam had brought with her, I began to feel a little overwhelmed and couldn't decide what to applique on my soon-to-be pillow, nor find the right coordinating colours.  Fortunately, Humble Deb was watching.  When I picked a fabric, one that I loved but I wasn't certain would work, she piped up and told me it would work and that a hot air balloon would look awesome (paraphrase, but that's pretty much what she said).  I thought about it for a while, then decided to go with it.

Deb, in case you don't know, is a pro, just go through her yummo blog and you. will. see.  Especially when it comes to putting fabrics together.  I wasn't about to argue.  So after a FUN evening, chatting with amazing ladies, eating a tasty brownie, drinking a delicious hot chocolate, sewing and being happy, I left the cafe with this beautiful pillow case.

It went straight onto my pillow and it hasn't moved since.

The End

My bed (or 'our bed', I'm married so must consider my bed, not all mine, but really it mostly is all mine, I'm a starfish sleeper) before the beautiful pillowcase:

My bed ever since the beautiful pillowcase:


PS, yes that is a Transformers pillowcase on my husband's side.  I found it at a clothing swap and brought it home for our Little Lion.  The husband saw it first and claimed it.



  1. so good Holly! And SO many descriptives in this post! I really enjoyed reading it! And husbands side of the bed had me in giggles

  2. ha ha this is great - you did such a good job xxx

  3. Hahaha - such a cutely written story! and a lovely pillowcase to boot! :)

  4. i have thomas the tank engine on mine... someone once noted that, haha, your husband has a funny one, and i was, like, well, actually that's mine...


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