01 October 2013

Random Waffling

Here goes...

90x75cm by hollymayb

I'm donating the blanket above to fund raise for Deb (an awesome lady who knows no boundaries when it comes to gifting time and energy, and quilts made by her).  You can 'like' this facebook page for more info and to find out when/how you can bid on any items.  All proceeds will go to Deb to help her buy her dream quilting machine.

Blessing Deb

On a completely different note:  I am SO stoked Maria explained how to get rid of the annoying 'auto-awesome' thing that keeps ruining my photos.

I've been reading up on things NJ says.  So funny.  Don't visit if you don't want mental images of concrete-looking poo.

My wrists have hurt a little while I've been doing all my crochet this week.  And no, the blanket above was made the week or two before last week.

Now that my Little Lion is over 2, I'm thinking I can make him some clothes... that will actually fit him for more than a few months.  Ideas?  I'm thinking hoodie-vest to match my grey hoodie, I have plenty of grey fabric to spare.

The sewing machine that went away, came back and then went away again, then came back as a fully replaced machine and taken away again has been refunded in full.  Now I'm sewing-machine-shopping, yay!  In the mean time, my trusty, nearly 30yr old machine is working fine.

I'm thinking 'Christmas Bunting'.  After loading my pink, grey and yellow bunting on Etsy I began wondering, "How about I make some red, green and white buntings?"  Or just all red, all green or all white?  I think/hope they could be a winner pre-Christmas?  Ideas, tips, again?

I really, really don't like fresh juicy tomatoes.

I was thinking you might like to know that.

Some more random Holly facts:

I have a tattoo.  It's of sylvester the cat.  He's low on my tummy, slightly to the left, my left.  It's cute and I like it.  You will never see a photo of it.

I have 32 crochet hooks and I am looking at buying some more.

I also have two (old) sewing machines, plus one overlocker, and you know it, I am sewing-machine shopping.  Not greedy.  I just need one that's a little more reliable/modern, can do several different 'certain' stitches and has the right kind of 'feet'.

I started school at Hangatiki Primary School, then went on to Ngutunui Primary School, then Te Pahu Primary School before high school.

Yes, Hangatiki, Ngutunui and Te Pahu are actual places.

Now, back to crocheting.

Catch you next time!


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