08 November 2013

How to keep a toddler busy for about 1 hour

How to keep a toddler busy for about 1 hour

Notes:  This might work to give you a break.  It also might not.
Your child might drink a lot of water.  That shouldn't be a bad thing.
Your child also might bring full water bottles inside and empty them
onto the carpet.  I take no responsibility for any unwanted actions.
The 1 hour timeframe is only an estimate.
Your toddlers clothes will get wet.
Your toddler may ask you several times over that hour to
"Please fill up the bucket?"

1x 10L bucket full of water
12x ice cubes
1x plastic cups
1x drink bottles (any size, a pump water bottle will do)
1x straw
1x small saucepan
1x hose
1x stick
1x small empty & washed shampoo bottle 
1x pair of adult-sized 'outdoor' shoes (see photo)
1x steamer or collander

 Put all ingredients together, outside, in the shade preferably and
invite your super cute toddler.

Don't thank me.
Thank your busy toddler for giving you a break.



  1. Playing with water - hours of fun :)

  2. Love it :)
    Seen the option where you freeze small plastic animal toys in the middle of the ice cubes or use different colour dye in them?... Now that would be exciting on the carpet


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