17 November 2013

I've been sewing!

Not so long ago I wrote about a skirt I'd made from an old pair of jeans and a thrifted sheet.  I've worn that skirt many times since and it began to grow on me the more I wore it.  The more I wore it, the more I kept thinking that I could make another one...

A few weeks ago I went shopping at Haralds fabric store with Treena-Marie and stumbled across some beautiful fabric.  I was looking for the right fabric, it had to be light, 'flowy/drapey', pretty.

We both picked different colours of the same kind of light, drapey, pretty, perfect fabric.  The lovely man at the counter suggested it was washed beforehand as it would shrink.

Little did I know that it would shrink a lot, SO much that I didn't have enough left to make the skirt.  My brain got to ticking...

I came up with a genious idea of how to cut the fabric to make it have a 'wobbly' hem at the bottom and to make it as long as I needed it.

I had my 'eureka' moment. Instead of cutting the fabric directly in half, and gathering it all along the top, as I had done with my first skirt (which would make this far too short to be a maxi skirt) I came up with this.

I can't explain it in words very well, but the photos show it.  That spiral thingee turns into an extension of the length as well as the 'wobbly' hem.  When cut and turned around 180degrees it fits perfectly on the other side of the fabric.

After cutting it out, overlocking and sewing it up, I had 4 inches of too much length!  I was so pleased with myself for figuring out the problem and accidentally making the skirt a lot longer than I was hoping - now I have some fabric left over.  Winning!

Total cost:
Pants:  Thrifted $3
Fabric:  Bought new, approx. $17.50


I have saved my pattern piece if I get any takers, I might just turn it into a pdf pattern....



  1. this blows my mind. I still can't figure out how it works!! Genius

  2. I can't even comprehend how your brain came up with that solution... Brilliant!


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