05 November 2013

Mashed up thoughts

I love good mashed potatoes, but they always make me bloated.

Ok, so here's where my head has been this last week.... it may or may not (who am I kidding?) have something to do with that monthly cycle.

My thoughts over the last few weeks:

I'll put most of my crafty stuff in storage.
Wow, it's actually going to happen, we're moving overseas semi-temporarily.
Today I'll have a quick sort through my stuff.
There's not as much stuff as I thought, that's great!
And... a lot of it isn't actually as nice as I once thought.
That particular fabric is awful, why do I still have it?
That, also, is awful.
I am a hoarder.
I knew I was a hoarder.
I know, person X will like that.
No, they won't.
Throw it out.
But what if person Y would like it.
No, they won't.
They might.
Throw it out.
No, I'll put it in a 'potentially throw out' box.
  Oh!  There's that perfectly folded pile of old ripped jeans I hoarded.
They smell funky.
Out they go.
That was easy.  Next.
I remember I used that fabric for a dress.
Oh, and that pretty one for a skirt.
Must keep it.
No, must gift it.
It's all too much.

About a month ago I made a pretty skirt, I mentioned it here but I wasn't fully 'sold' on it.  So, as you do, I didn't post any pics of it.

I've now worn it a few times since and begun to really like it.  So much that I am planning on making another one.  I've bought the fabric, just need to find the right pair of jeans to sew it to.  The pair I had in mind don't fit 'right' so the next skirt will have to wait.

This skirt was made from an op-shopped sheet and an old pair of jeans that had worn through in the thighs.  There ain't no 'thigh-gap' on this chicky.



  1. having made several international moves in the last few years I can totally understand your sorting!!!
    and there aint no thigh gap here either lol.

  2. Ooo I did notice your skirt on Saturday! Lookin' good! x


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