21 November 2013

Ni-ni Patrick

Today, I said goodbye to our friend, Patrick.  An old and loved cat, she was having liver and kidney issues with a not-so-nice tumor.

Our 2 (and 1/4) year old doesn't understand and probably won't miss her, but I explained that Patrick was very sick and had to go to the doctor.  Then as we left, I tried to explain that she wasn't coming home, that she's going to have a big sleep at the vet and we won't see her anymore.

He said a few times after we were home, "Patrick's gone to the doctor, she has a sick tummy."

I feel silly for feeling sad, but I'd be heartless if I didn't feel a little sad.  She wasn't often a cuddly cat and she picked her favourites rarely, but I still loved having her around.

I adopted her from the SPCA but found she was very happy to be inside and wasn't afraid of us when I got her so I'm guessing that she must have been someone's pet cat before then.

See ya later Patty.

PS Thanks for hugs today.



  1. Sending you hugs. its tough and understandable to feel sad Patrick was part of your family!

  2. sorry I didn't give you a proper hug. Glad Deb was there to do the job properly! xxx

  3. Awh Holly that sucks!! Patrick has been a long time friend, its okay to feel sad. Love to you x

  4. Oh no! Poor pussy cat and poor you guys - big hugs :)


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