02 December 2013


I made a bunch of bibs last week.  I'm getting tired of old bibs that just don't cut the mustard.

They need to be waterproof.
They need to cover right from up under my son's chin, right to the bottom of the bowl he's eating from.
They need to be stiff enough to not crumple up, but bendy enough to curve over the edge of the table.
They need to either snap or tie - I don't care, but if they tie, the ties need to be long enough or I'll get grumpy.  Those stretchy bibs often stretch and end up gaping too much.

A year or so ago I made a couple of bibs and to this day up until last week, they have been my favourite.  I backed them with recycled lined curtains, and used a bias binding for the ties.  The only thing that I didn't do was pre-wash the front fabric, which obivously shrunk, which made them curl a little, which still makes my OCD eyes get twitchy.

Back to last week.  I made some more bibs!  Six.  The same, but with an old op-shopped sheet.

Ta daaa!

My new favourites!  Little Lion doesn't mind them much either.


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  1. mine - or, well, my son's bibs - all have pockets on the bottom so that stuff that falls ends up in the pocket from where i just dump it in the compost bin. all the bibs that didn't have pockets, i sewed pockets on them, and it's probably the single "must have" feature i need my bibs (sorry, my son's!) to have. color, length, don't care, but if they don't have pockets, they don't get used.


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