23 December 2013

Christmas Flowers

It surely is a New Zealand Christmas when you see a flower like this.

If you know what kind of flower this is, let me know in the comments if you'd like to be in the draw to win a pair of Hollymayb earrings.  Each correct guess will be put in the draw.

I'll draw a 'name from the hat' on the 1st of January, 2014.

Open to anyone who has a postal address.

Merry Christmas



  1. It looks like a feijoa to me

  2. i can't figure this out: when i comment and hit "publish", the page does re-load, but the comment doesn't appear here, and neither does it give me any messages like "your comment awaits moderation" or something else along those lines. it's like... it re-loads, empties the comment form, but apart from that, nothing happens.

    and then i can't figure out if it has actually gone anywhere, my comment, or if it's my browser being a pain, or what.

    do you ever keep my comments unpublished? so that you get them at your end, but don't make them public? because if you do, then i think my browser/comments work - but if you don't, then it means that over the last few months, all those comments i thought you kept "to yourself" and didn't make public didn't actually reach you.

    and then it's, like, oh.

    but anyway - i spent five minutes explaining to google what your photo looks like and google, too, told me that what you have here is a feijoa plant. i've never personally seen one before, but here you go.

    but yeah, let me know how you get on with comments and publishing. i've never come across any other blogs though where my comments didn't work... yours seems to be a bit special, or maybe i'm special! =P

  3. oh, here you go: this one worked. i hit "publish" and got a message saying "your comment will be visible after approval"

    so why did it work now? and why not before?



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