10 December 2013

It's Christmas

This afternoon, Little Lion and I put up the Christmas tree.  Then, when Roy got home, he helped too.  It was SO much fun.  LL enjoyed every part of it.

It's bittersweet; I'm looking at the decorations I bought last year at a boxing day sale (I thought I bought them all before Christmas last year but I found the reciept in the 'Christmas Box') knowing that this is the only time I'm going to enjoy them.

Some decorations from friends, some from last year's Secret Santa Bloggy Swap, here in Christchurch.  The long string of crochet wool I made, with simple but festively-coloured buttons wraps around like a cute garland.

It was 'like Christmas' opening the box of decorations though - I didn't even remember what they looked like, only that they were all balls.  The big, bright red ones are my favourite.  I'm only sad that I only have 6 of them.

Much to my dismay, I realised every. single. ball. was made of glass.  I'm not sure who will break more, LL or myself - I'm definitely accident prone when it comes to glass.

On the flip side, I've been making so much stuff lately that I can't show you.  Everything is going to end up being some kind of Christmas present!

Never fear though, I am taking photos along the way so in due course I will be able to show and tell.

I feel like it's going to be a busy couple of weeks - making, helping, preparing, doing dishes.  I am not unhappy about that (except the dishes part) - I love the excitement and joy and blessings that come from this time of year.

Knowing that our family may or may not be in New Zealand for Christmas next year is helping me to relax more, enjoy more, get grumpy less, tolerate more, breathe.

It's Christmas.  Enjoy.


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