25 January 2014

Finding my paintbrushes

One of the terrible things about clearing out one's stuff is that one begins to be inspired all over again and in turn becomes horrifyingly distracted and begins to play with the paint.

I found my 'old' gouache paints for watercolour painting and colour experimenting.  They're beautiful to play with.  The colours mix deliciously and brighten up the paper in a way that makes my heart flutter.  Seriously.

The pack only has 6 colours, or four if you don't include black & white.  Magenta, cyan, yellow and yellow ochre.  All of these beautiful colours just happened.

I quite like playing with paints and colours and water and paper...

My Aunty Joy has recently been pinning all sorts of beautiful things in pinterest that forced me to carry on...

I couldn't stop once I started.

Then I thought about combining the two, drawing and painting...

What was I doing to begin with? ...



  1. beautiful artwork! and that journal is super cute too

    1. So random, I stumbled upon this post today. Thank you! I'm sorry I didn't reply FOUR years ago! I hope you're having a rad day. Holly xx

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