19 January 2014

Handmade gifts - Baby Blankets

I have learned a fantastic secret about crocheting baby blankets... they don't actually take that long to make.  They obviously involve a bit of time and effort, but over all, they crochet up quite quickly.

I have made two in the last couple of months - but they didn't take that long to make!  If I had only made each one during the evenings, I probably could have finished them in two or three weeks each.

Baby blanket #1
8ply, 4mm crochet hook, x25 granny squares of x7 rounds each.

Baby blanket #2
8ply, 4mm crochet hook, x9 granny squares of 12 rounds each.  Both made with a random edging technique I made up as I went.



  1. Oh you know I love mine! xx Love the blurry fellow in the last photo too!


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