07 January 2014

Handmade gifts - Crochet dishcloths

Each of these crochet dishcloths is about 6.5" square, unblocked.

The one above was made in rounds from the centre.  It looks like a whole lot of small squares joined together - don't worry it's not.  If it was I probably wouldn't have made it.  Honestly.

The one below was made using this crochet chevron technique I found via Pinterest.

I really had fun making these, I got on a role and forgot to photograph the last few I did.

These also were inexpensive Christmas gifts, but again, made with love, with good quality 3ply cotton and 2.25mm hook.

My Mum in particular had been hinting for a long time that she wanted some.  She got 4.  So, Mum, no asking for more for a while, ok?

I didn't make any for myself.  I'm planning on making a whole bunch more when we get to our new home in a few months or so.

This last one wouldn't sit flat no matter how much I pulled it.  It's bamboo-cotton, 8ply, 4mm hook, also a great choice for dish cloths.  My lack of patience wasn't about to wait for me to block them.

Most of these incorporate the Granny Square / Peggy Square age-old crochet technique.  So simple.  So effective.  So cool.

I also made one using this cute retro square crochet pattern.  It's such an easy pattern, I might (one day ish) make a blanket with it.  It's very cool!

EDIT:  The finished blanket using retro squares!


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