16 February 2014

Wedding Bunting

So all that bunting from ages ago was to be used at a wedding reception.

It was such a beautiful wedding!  Two of our awesome friends declaring their love and commitment to each other, being cute with each other, being themselves.  They looked so good and they looked so happy.

I managed to get a pic of the bunting hanging up outside.  The bride is in this photo, you can only see her dress (and a photo-bombing jar, oops)...

At the reception, we sat on hay bails covered with blankets.  It was so comfy and inviting.

Family shot!  I looooved dressing up!  It felt like it had been so long.  I 'put my face on', did my hair, wore a dress and painted my toe nails.

Good fun.



  1. Beautiful! You and the bunting! Wish I could eyeliner myself like you can!!
    That is SOOOOOO much bunting! Go you!

  2. Just so you know the bunting is being reused for the next wedding,,garden style .. and it is beautiful


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