29 March 2014

Full ON

Wow.  I am alive.  I have survived the last few weeks!  WE (my husband, my son and I) have survived the last few weeks.

SO, here's a short list of what I've been up to:

packed up stuff
sold a lot of stuff
cleaned everything else
organized a carpet cleaner
filled up a trailer
filled up two cars
had several trips to the dump
and several trips to the sallies
moved out of our flat
drove Christchurch to Te Anau
in the first packed car
learned of my brother's motorbike accident
drove Te Anau to Christchurch
saw my husband off to the US
drove Christchurch to Te Anau
in the second car
unpacked the car (still some unpacking to go if I'm honest)
stayed inside the gates of my parents home for 3 days in my pyjamas

I am in my pyjamas right now.  It's awesome.

I do not take all the credit for everything above, I had the help of: (well, it was more ME helping)

my husband - in everything, mostly keeping me from turning into a giant* stressball (* giant being the key word here)
my brother - for borrowing a trailer, driving from Dunedin with it and bringing it back loaded up
a friend - who helped clean and pack and everything else that happens on moving day
my brother in law - for babysitting (like a Champion) a worn out Little Lion and helping my husband pack and do dump-runs

My life has been intense lately and it's not something I'd recommend we do too often.

I could post here about why my husband went on the 24th and not all of us, but I'll be writing it down here in the near future, it's a kind of travel-blog we'll keep to journal our trip.

Crikey.  Massive.  Just massive.

Our last evening in Christchurch, on the summit road on the Port Hills.

The last photo I took of Roy, same location.

This photo was taken in Dunedin on the trip down south with just our Little Lion and I.  I saw the street-art and must have looked like a crazy driver when I quickly hooned into the closest park to get out and take a photo.

My little man.  He has been such a champion on our long drives without a lot of complaining and at 2 and a half years old I'm a very proud Mum to be able to say he used a lot of the public toilets and got to Te Anau with a dry nappy (he's 2 and a half, not me, but you probably guessed that?).

My brother who lives in Dunedin, was riding his motorcycle one evening and it turns out a car pulled out in front of him while my family was in Te Anau (the first trip).  He's ok - really I am sure there were angels holding him so tight and cushioned his 100kph fall.  He has a neck brace and a cast which will be on for the next 6 weeks and is also nursing 4 broken ribs.  BUT, he is ok.  Nothing broken that won't be healed.  Praise the Lord!

To be continued!


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  1. All the best I so know those crazy days! X

  2. What a busy time! Glad your brother will be ok

  3. it's a bit like me moving to new zealand: i had talked about it for a while, that i will do it soon, will do it soon, until one day it dawned on me that... why am i not going NOW? and i went online and looked up the visa conditions. paid up my visa and just crossed my fingers that i'd have money for a plane ticket when time came to buy one. and eventually the whole thing happened like that, that first there was a resolution of going and then a way was made to make it happen, so it wasn't "how?" first, but "i will" first, and then the "how" came afterwards.

  4. You are a champion Holly! Wear those PJs as much as you want! xx
    p.s Little Lion looks like such a grown up boy in that street art photo!


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