10 April 2014

I'm back!

Oh, hello there!!

Yes.  I'm back.  I've had a break and now I feel like I have caught my breath.

I think I have.

I've been busy.  Mostly running around after a toddler who is testing the boundaries in this new home.  Really.  Testing.  Those boundaries.  Sheesh.

This last week, however, I think we are finally finding our routine.  I think Little Lion is appreciating some routine and a more chilled-out Mama, too.

Last week I shared my latest makings.  Earrings.  I can't get away from them!  In fact, I love making them and I love how cute they are.  I have kept a few for myself, because I can.  And I do wear them often!

Do you like my packaging?  I've got a few little tweaks to make so they're just right, but overall I'm very happy with the end product.

I have a set of certain colours I'll make up as stock, but the range of colours in the DMC embroidery thread is huge, so if you wanted a pair in a particular colour, I'd be most happy to oblige.


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  1. ooh, i love that photo with sunshine and a cup!


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