27 May 2014


Too cute.  To market I go this weekend, hopefully it'll be nice and warm in the Te Anau Town Hall!

My Elf Beanie, Pixie Beanie and Gnome Beanie.

Dino Spikey Beanie, Sweet Cat Beanie, Dino Beanie.

Do you think I should try to sell my patterns?



  1. Yup definitely try selling your patterns. I sell my patterns on Craftsy and can give you a few tips if you're interested... Its a nice wee extra source of income and once the pattern is written down you have done all the work- bonus!

  2. Yes why not! Great idea :) I would too if I could get the time to write them up....plus I have major self doubt when I write them.....get mental block from panic!! silly really ;) These should be a hit especially with the cold weather set in!

  3. Cute stuff!!! Im curious as where do you get your little tags with your name on them? Id love to have some made for my crochet projects!


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