10 May 2014


It was awesome while it lasted, but I just had to revert back to crochet.  The biggest reason being I didn't have any chunky yarn left and anything less than a 12ply is strictly crochet.  Knitting with fine yarn [by Holly the novice knitter] takes far too long.

All this making has left me with a ton of earrings, only a few of them are on my Hollymayb Etsy shop, dinosaur beanies and toddler scarves.  At the end of this month I'll have a stall at a market.  I guess I'm a sucker for punishment.  Hopefully I'll sell some things, then I won't have a pile of things to leave behind.

Here's hoping it all works out sooner rather than later.

Still no word on our visas.  It's been 47 days of long-distance marriage.  It's pretty tough going.  Our Little Lion is doing fine, we talk about Daddy every day and reminisce about our skype sessions.

We're so blessed to have this amazing technology available to us!  It wouldn't be very nice having to rely on snail mail or telegrams.

In saying that, it's a truly joyous occasion when we do get a parcel in the mail!

In saying that also, it cost $54.00 to send a small box weighing 2kgs to the US.  Cripes!


OH, and I thought I'd try make some of my own social media buttons... to be continued.

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