22 June 2014

More Fancy Crochet

About a year ago I showed off a triangle crochet motif I had made using 8ply yarn (free chart pattern here)

Then in October of last year I bought this pretty crochet doily pattern and showed it off in this post...

Then, just the other day I bought this delicious crochet pattern from the same designer and so far I'm up to here with it (only 2 or 3 more rows to go):

The pattern is designed to be made with thicker yarn so the doily turns out like a blanket or rug, but here I'm using a 2ply linen.  It's going to be about 40cm diameter when it's finished.  And then, I'll be sewing it onto the back of my hoodie that I made in August of 2013.

So, I'm looking forward to showing that off too!  Stay tuned.  Here's hoping it turns out awesome!


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  1. It's gorgeous, Holly. Looking forward to seeing the finished article! :)


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