12 June 2014


It's been a full-on week or two.

Granny blew up the dishwasher.  So, with a new dishwasher came a giant box.  It lives in the lounge and gets used daily.  It has windows and a door, as well as the huge trap-door at the top.  Almost everyone has been inside the box:  Granddad, Uncle Donald, Abbi, myself, of course LJ, Uncle Steve (I think).  Granny and Aunty V haven't ventured in yet.  Yet.  Granddad (my Dad) and LJ are both in the box here, Granddad is 6 feet tall, you can see his white beard and his fluoro shirt.

I had the market on the 31st of May.  Probably the last market in New Zealand I'll do for a loooong time (hopefully).

It was freezing cold inside a huge hall, hence the blurry photo.  I was shivering a lot.  I'm surprised I didn't get a cold from being in there.  Thankfully I had a lovely friend drop me off a hottie and a blanket.  Yes, it really was that cold!

I started a part-time job!  I'm now a checkout operator.  It's some time out, it's easy work, it's good to get out of the house, I'm making the most of Grandparents-as-babysitters, it gives a little $ in the pocket.  I do miss my boy when I finish work, though.

I made enough moolah at the market to buy my Little Lion a merino woollen vest from another marketer, to pay for the table and to buy a coffee.  I think the coldness of the room scared a lot of people off.  But, honestly, I think I did really well considering the small amount of people that came through.

I bought some linen yarn through Etsy, from Lithuania.  They kindly made up a custom listing just for me.  I'm now crocheting it up like a boss (a Nana).

I also bought some henna paste through Ebay... having fun doodling on my skin.  Finding out if I like something enough to get it permanent.

I also bought some nice shoes.  They cancelled my order after 6 weeks of waiting.  I got my money back. But, really, I'd rather just have the shoes.  I'm a bit sad about this, still.

My Little Lion is pretty much out of nappies.  He's pooping on the loo now, his night-nappies have been dry in the morning for a while now.  He's taller.  His shirts and pants are beginning to not cover his ankles or wrists.  He's so awesome.

My husband is working hard in the US.  He's missing us, we're missing him.  He's been over there since March, 24th.  We still haven't heard about our visas - hoping/expecting to hear in the next 4-6 weeks.  Time goes by so slowly when I think about how much I miss him.  I try not to think about how much I miss him!  He sends us treats sometimes...

I quite like jolly ranchers.  LJ likes the swedish fish and the dots.


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