20 November 2014

2 sleeps

Ok, so my next post is probably going to be written in the US.  Just sayin'.  I apologise beforehand if I take too long to write - do send me a reminder message if the suspense is unbearable!

After exactly two sleeps, I will be driving my son and I's butts over to Queenstown to pick up my husband's butt.  Can not wait.  It's "only" been 8 months.

Now what has begun is the 'surreal' feeling, where I don't know if my head will believe it's actually real until we're standing face to face.  OH!

Check me out on instagram because some time on Saturday afternoon I will be doing the obligatory family-selfie to prove that it's for real.

Two sleeps!

Then, the other particularly important part of the story... we arrive in the US of A on the 26th of November (six sleeps).

A watercolor by me, Hollymayb. 


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  1. So exciting!!! I can only imagine how unreal it all feels!


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