02 December 2014

We're in AZ

Woah!  Talk about catching my breath!  I am quite a little tired. zzz.

I've got a few (very unedited but necessary) photos for you to have a look-see...

The beautiful Tasman Sea as seen from up in the air.  Heading to Auckland, New Zealand from Queenstown.  The view was amazing.

Farewell Spit for those of you who know a little of NZ geography.  Kind of ironic.  I had to snap up these photos, there ain't gonna be another chance for this in a quite a while.

Mount Taranaki.  So pretty.  And look, next pic, it's got a green dress on.


Just another photo of this amazing world we live in.  The water with all the waves and ripples looked like the wrinkles on leather.  Still in NZ.

I put the camera away as we headed into Auckland.  After we were on the big plane though...

The faces of one very excited 3 year old.  It was a great flight... I haven't experienced another to compare though.  It was a bit cold, but we all had blankets.  We all got as much sleep as you can when sitting upright and getting kicked by that darling 3 year old.

When he's tired or hungry, or both, he gets mad.  And there is no consoling him - that is until I hold him tight and tell him made up stories of fun adventures - and he's out like a light.   Phew!

We arrived in LAX 15 minutes early (12hr flight), we were very ready to get off that plane and, as soon as we were off it, our achy muscles disappeared.  We only spent about 20 minutes from the start of customs to the other side of the airport.  It was a breeze, a little terrifying, but very smooth.

A short bus trip to where the rental car was waiting for us was so fun for the Little Lion.  The mid-sized car we booked wasn't available so we were upgraded to a mid-size SUV.  OH well.  Haha, it fit us and our bags much nicer.

Off we went to our motel to freshen up, then soon afterwards we headed out again to have dinner with Roy's sister and some US family.  They were awesome, the food was way too good and our boy was way too grumpy.

The next day we drove to Arizona.

Still in California, there's the HOLLYWOOD sign!  Oh, and my husband's nose.

On the freeway, 5 lanes going east.

This sign cracked me up and I almost didn't get it photographed.  Roy thought there was something wrong when I started freaking out trying to get the camera on in time.

"State Prison Next Exit - Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers"

The road was a straight line for about 6 hours.  I don't know how Roy managed to look so not-tired.

We're still in California in these photos.  One thing I haven't taken a photo of yet is the Saguaro Cactus.  They all looked like a person with their arms up saying, "Hug me!"

I promise I won't hug any cacti.

I will try to take some epic pics for everyone to see.  We just don't have a car so everywhere I go to has to be within walking distance.

I got a little overwhelmed yesterday with the realization of no independence.  No car.  It's a big place here, everything we need is within walking distance, 20-30mins one way max.  We only went to the playground that's within our apartment complex, twice, then went back home again.  Today we ventured out a little further after I read a map and got my bearings.  We're actually very close to the things we need, supermarket, craft store etc.  Always have to be close to a craft store.

In New Zealand, being in the Southern Hemisphere, as the sun rises in the east, it arcs around to the north then settles in the west.  But here in the Northern Hemisphere, it arcs around to the South.  Which means you can find yourself going north when you think you're going south and vice versa.

Crazy fact.



  1. Woah weird about the sun!! Yay for playgrounds in your complex and a craft store down the road. So exciting! Miss you but so, so happy you are setting up your new life! Skype soon!!!! xx

  2. I lol at the don't pick up hitchhickers sign!! hope you are enjoying your adventuring and getting your sense of direction sorted!
    Love from Toni

    1. Thanks Toni. I am enjoying myself and I think LJ is too. I'm starting to feel the jet lag the last couple of days though. 4hrs difference is enough to mess up the system a bit.

  3. That is weird about the sun, but I guess you'll get used to it. As far as transport is concerned, probably just as well not to have a car till you get driving on the wrong side worked out; would be so easy to head off on the other side to the rest of them.
    Glad you guys made it ok with a wee one and have fun being back as a family!

    1. I agree with you! I have to make sure I'm paying attention when crossing the road too, looking the right direction etc. Thanks so much!

  4. Have been thinking about you guys! so glad you're there and safe and sound! The hitchhiking sign is hilarious :) Hope you settle in quick and continue to enjoy the experience!

    1. Thanks Leonie! We're beginning to feel settled in and are enjoying it so far!

  5. Love it Holly! Good to hear you're settling in well and getting used to the 'differences'. Switches up is 'on' - that one gets me. Yay, you have a craft shop handy. You'll have easier access to all the US online stores too!! :P xx

    1. Yeah the switches often mess me up. Getting used to crossing the road and looking the right way. Keep to the right applies almost anywhere, supermarkets and footpaths. I am already checking out some sweet potential online purchases. Trying to be frugal right now though.

  6. Wow! What a change for you to get used to! I love that the craft store is so close ;) And I also had a giggle with the prison sign....I would have been going crazy right there with ya!! Have fun settling in and getting your bearings xx


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