15 March 2015

DIY How to make a drink bottle holder carrier, hanger thingee...

Let's make this cute, stylish, very cool bottle holder/hanger thing-a-ma-jig.

You will need:
4 lengths of t-shirt yarn, each about 6ft (180cm) long
pair of scissors

1.  Begin with putting two lengths together, folding them in half and tying a knot right where the fold is.  Repeat with the other two lengths.

2.  Next make two more knots  - one on EITHER SIDE of these knots, about 4cm/1.5inches from the first knot.  Not two to the left, or two to the right.

3.  Now it will begin to look complicated, but it's really SO simple.  Don't over-think.  Have a look at the pic below.  Take one thread from the top half and one from the bottom half, on each side of the 3 knots you just made, and tie those together, again about 4cm/1.5inches from the knot before it.

4.  Now do the same to the other remaining two threads on each side.  OR pick the whole thing up by the very first two knots you made and put them between you knees like I did.  In my pyjamas.

 It should look something like this pic below:

You can make out the handles appearing at the top.

Now, if you happen to make a knot in the wrong place, like I did, they're not too hard to pull out.  I used a crochet hook and a cable needle to wiggle and loosen it.

5.  Now, here is where it grows.  Keep tying knots.  Separate one thread from each of the two knots above it and tie them together.  You'll end up with it looking like this:

Test it with a bottle to make sure it's going to work, that you haven't tied the wrong threads together anywhere and to see how many more knots you need to tie.

6.  When you've finished tying knots, about 5 or ten minutes later, you'll be ready to finish it off.

There are a couple of ways to do this.  You can tie one giant knot at the bottom:

OR, you can tie another 4 knots, but this time tie them only about 1cm (3/8inch) below the last knots.  I chose to do it this way so I wouldn't have a huge giant knot at the bottom.  I ended up with 10 layers of knots - not including the 3 knots of the handles, and including the final 4 close-together knots.  My personal opinion, but I think this way is more aesthetically pleasing. ;)

Voila!  You have your very own, DIY, hand made, really way cool drink bottle carrier that will hang off your baby-stroller, or off your wrist, or off the handle of your push-bike.

If you make one, take a pic and tag me via my instagram account, I would LOVE to see what you come up with!

This design was totally made up by me on-the-spot one day when I had a little left-over yarn and a pesky drink bottle that leaks when left on its side in my handbag.  You are more than welcome to make as many as you like and if you would like to sell drink-bottle holders made from this pattern, my only request is that you credit back to me and/or this post.

Thank you!



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