30 March 2015

March was big

This last month has seen us celebrate a few different things...  my birthday (I'm 30); my husband's birthday; my husband's 1-year anniversary of arriving in the US while our son and I waited in New Zealand for our visas to work out (also 4 month anniversary of ALL of us being together in the US); us hitting a savings target where we can [finally] buy a car to get us from A to B; my husband's cousin's son's birthday (not to mention other family members' birthdays in other countries).  March is a full month for us!

Next month we have Easter, our wedding anniversary and more birthdays to celebrate.  And, hopefully we'll be celebrating that we have a car!

We've had a couple of weeks now where we've been searching for the right car, and at the beginning, it's always exciting.  Soon, though, reality sets in.  Most cars don't look as awesome in real-life as they do in-person.  Or, if there's a great looking car, but the seller speaks only Spanish... language barrier.  Time to learn a different language, then!

And my God will
meet all your needs
according to the riches
of his glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

I don't enjoy living in 'want'; tomorrow, it'll be better; if we just have this, then it'll be ok; if we just get that then all our problems will be solved.  No.  It's not living in the 'now'.  Living in 'want' sucks you dry.  It destroys your ability to enjoy today, to enjoy what you have and to be content and peaceful.  It stirs up anxiety and doubt.  It does not edify.

I painted this piece of artwork for our home.  One day, maybe, I'll get it framed and hung on the wall, but for now, a piece of string and a thumb tack will do.  It will serve as a tangible reminder that my God does provide my family with all we need (and always has - when was I ever without what I need?).  Goodbye, doubt.  Hello, joy, hope, peace and faith.  Amen!



  1. Good Morning and Congratulation!

    Make sure you get a CarFax...a history of this particular car's VIN # before you buy it. If you have home/rental insurance, your carrier can get this for you. Make sure the title is clear! And, take it to a reliable mechanic, or bring them to the car and have them check it out. Does the car have a history of more owners? Does it have 15000 miles or less? Has it ever been recalled? Was any recall work done ( you don't have to have recall work done, the joys of the US). Where did the car come from a flood zone, a rust zone? Does your carseat fit properly? How's the head gasket? Does he have all the paperwork? What size are the tires? Are they hard to replace? All these questions! But I worked in a Nationwide Office, so its stuff I know. Finally, remeber, this is a gas filled torpedo and not everybody is nice...and as great as prayer and affirmations are....being pro-active is better

    1. Thanks Andrea! Being first-time buyers in the US, we need all the advice we can get. xx


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